Phuket Travelogue

A long weekend spells a beach getaway!

Thai food here I come!

Here’s how I spent 3 days 2 nights (29th-31st October 2016) in Phuket.

Air tickets: $155.61 SGD from Tiger airlines

Day 1:

We bought a 3-day plan sim card at the airport from the tel-co truemove. The plan includes 1 GB of data and 50 baht credit for call and text.

Sim card: 800 baht 

Airport transfer to Patong: 360 baht for 2 pax

Image from airbnb.

We stayed in a lovely hotel right in front of Patong beach.

Patong Signature Boutique Hotel
$129.53 for 2 pax, 2 nights (booked through airbnb)

And it has a bathtub in the room itself! Even though I don’t think it’s very feasible, I liked it nonetheless.
Patong beach


Patong beach didn’t really capture my interest so I didn’t really spend much time at the beach
henna tattoo

Well the prices aren’t fixed. They will quote you a price, the rest depends on how much you can bargain your way through.

Henna: 600 baht for 2 pax

I’m not sure what’s the market rate for henna so I’m not sure if I’ve ripped for the price I paid. I chose a rather intricate design- the dream catcher and the dude took a really long time to draw it on my back, so I guess it’s somewhat worth it?


And Sam chose a row of flowers on her shoulders



We didn’t check the prices of the water sports because we’re too famished to stop.

From our hotel, we walked down the entire stretch of Patong beach, and we found a lot of restaurants and bars!

Dinner at Dang restaurant

The food at Dang restaurant was pretty good, worth a visit if you’re in the area. Every time Sam and I have Thai food we always stick to the same food – Phad thai, tom yum goong, prawncake ( I LOVE THIS) and mango smoothie. Everything can be shared except our mango smoothie. (We take our mango smoothies very seriously.)

Dinner at Dang restaurant: 845 baht  for 2 pax

We went back to our hotel room and chilled for a bit before heading for the second round of dinner (don’t judge).

Dinner round 2 was at this lovely Italian restaurant.

We went to La Gritta restaurant (just a mere 15 minutes walk from our hotel).

Our view while dining


Truffle mushroom risotto and Smoked ham pizza for round 2


La Gritta: 1494 baht

It’s pretty pricey but I would say go for it if you’re not on a tight budget. It serves good food and it has a great ambiance.

Day 2:

On day 2, we signed a day tour that would bring us to Phi Phi island.

Phi Phi Island day-tour: $85 USD for 2 pax; inclusive of lunch and snorkeling (booked through

The driver picked us up at our hotel and then went on to pick up other passengers before dropping us at the pier.

The ferry ride from Phuket to Phi Phi island was around 90 minutes.


Finally arrived at Phi Phi island


Snorkeling at Phi Phi!

We took quite a while to get used to breathing through the breathing tubes as it was our first time snorkeling.

Buffet lunch after snorkeling

After lunch we had around 2 hours of free time and we decided to hire a speed boat to explore the nearby islands.


Look at the water


Maya bay



Speedboat: 2000 baht for 2 pax



Time to head back to Phuket.

Trying to catch the sunset from our hotel rooftop pool.
As though we didn’t swim enough

After that, we made our way to the Banzaan night market to have our dinner


Can never get enough of tom yam goong and Phad thai. 360 baht for the phad thai, green curry and tom yam goong.
My favorite- ice cream rolls

After dinner we decided to head to one of the bars and we caught the ‘famous’ ping pong show at Bangla Road. Sam and I thought why not drop by to take a look since we were in the vicinity. It was by far the most exotic bar I’ve been into. Most bars don’t require you to pay for entrance fees but they will charge you a pretty steep price  for drinks. Each person is required to purchase a glass of drinks.

If you walk in for the first 5 five minutes and you decide to leave, you don’t have to purchase any drinks.

The Thai girls were really friendly to us, they talked to us and asked us where we came from. Perhaps because we were both girls and they could not make any business out of us so instead they struck up a conversation with us. One of the girls even complimented us on our looks, another even waved goodbye and told us to take care when we left!

If I were still a student, I would love to do a capstone project on the ping pong show and the culture behind it. It is very heavily fueled by tourists (I don’t see any locals there AT ALL when I was in the bar). Well, there must be a huge demand for the sex industry to thrive. It was a very thought provoking trip for me. It made me think how much was the average Thai paid that girls have to enter this route to make ends meet.

Drinks at Ping Pong show: 2200 baht for 2 pax.

Day 3:

Breakfast was at this bnb called cafe Siam.

It’s a cafe in a bnb run by an Australian.

Cafe Siam: 469 baht for 2 pax

Tom yum goong and phad thai again before we leave.

Lunch at Wok international: 781 baht

We walked around the shops for a while before heading back to our hotel.

Mini van to the airport: 400 for 2 pax

It’s been a while since I last traveled to Thailand and I absolutely miss their Tom yam goong, phad thai and mango smoothie. If there’s a cuisine that I won’t get sick of, it would be Thai food. Can’t wait to be back in Thailand to taste the authentic Thai food again! And I would definitely love to explore other islands- james bond island, hong island etc. if I come back to Phuket.




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